Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to plan your engagement session

A lot of my clients have questions about their engagement pictures.
So, I want to share some information, so you can best plan with your
photographer to get memories you will always treasure.

Engagement sessions are a great way for photographers to get a
chance to work with you pre-wedding. We will learn how you interact with the
camera, and share tips and ideas for poses. Then on your wedding day,
you will have more confidence and comfort with the camera.

When I photograph clients for the first time, I always like
to explain how these photos are for the couple you will be in the coming years.
Pictures that your whole family will love to have in their homes. We can also
discuss what kind of invitations  and announcement ideas you may have.

So what are some of the considerations for your photos?

- What to wear -

Normally there is a bit of walking, sitting and standing. Wear
clothes and shoes that are comfy and let you move around.
Wardrobe should match the scenery that you have chosen.

- When -

The best times to meet up are after 3:00 and go till 5 or 6. Starting
at 6:00 will result in more evening or sunset light (my favorite).
Just ask yourself what kind of lighting will suit my choice of
location best? Sessions normally run at least two hours and
sometimes go up to four if multiple locations are desired. 

- Where -

If you are an outdoors loving couple, local parks and greenways provide
truly scenic backgrounds. 

A secluded spot in Salem.

Highland Park in Old Southwest.

The Duck Pond at Virginia Tech.

Booker T. Washington National Park in Moneta.

Are you a bit more urban? Downtown Roanoke is a popular
meeting place and theres plenty of backdrops and options.

Looking down from the pedestrian bridge.

Across from Station #1.

Elmwood Park.

Or where you had your first date :)

- The "Kids" -

Some couples have dogs, and I totally understand that including
them in your photos is important. I encourage my clients to
bring them along for half of the shoot, then focus on just the two
of you. When including pets, we want to meet up somewhere
with very few distractions to catch their attention.

 Highland Park in Old Southwest.

Hollins University.

Hollins University.

Virginia Tech Duck Pond.

Downtown Arlington Historic District.

I hope these tips have helped answer most of your questions
about how to get the most out of your time with your 
photographer. Remember to have fun and be yourself!

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